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Me gustan los Unicornios :3

About me? I'm Abbey c: ... you know, not a big fan of this question. I personally can't explain myself. All i can say is I'm me. If you don't know who (I AM) , then find out for yourself. :]. But I'm nice not a type of mean person unless you start saying something that would make me flip tables and make my hair turn into flames or something that will hurt my other friends then I won't keep my mouth shut, I will just go ahead and say it at your face. So don't say anything. So yeah I pretty much hate everyone who is reading this including you :] JK !!But I do enjoy blogging and stalk what other people blog not in a creepy way though >.> And if your question is do you do followbacks? Of course I do, you don't really have to ask. I follow everyone either way ^-^
I hope you enjoy my blogs as much as I will enjoy yours c: